Cost-effective miniature low-power headset detection IC

23-09-2015 | Digikey | Semiconductors

Now stocked by Digi-Key, Diodes Incorporated's AZV5001 is a low-power, cost-effective headset detection IC with a comparator with internal hysteresis, OR gate, and N-channel MOSFET integrated designed to detect the assertion of a headset with a microphone. The AZV5001 has two detect inputs that together determine when a headset has been inserted into the equipment's audio jack. The presence of a left audio signal drives the internal comparator output low, which when logically OR'ed with a ground connection from the jack will result in a low output from the IC, indicating the headset is properly connected. Internal pull-up resistors on both detect inputs ensure that connection is not indicated when either signal is absent. When a headphone is not detected, an on-chip N-channel MOSFET is enabled, which can be used to mute the microphone input to the equipment's audio codec. A miniature 6-pin, 1.2mm x 1mm x 0.4mm, DFN1210H4-6 package helps the AZV5001 reduce board space. A low supply current, typically 7.5µA when operating from a 1.8V supply, reduces system power consumption, while low-voltage operation, down to 1.6V, is also supported. Typical applications include MP3 players with voice record, battery-powered audio devices, notebooks and tablets.

By Craig Dyball