Easier access to new XBee / Arduino-compatible coding platform

04-08-2015 | Digikey | Design & Manufacture

Digi International and Digi-Key have announced the Digi XBee / Arduino-compatible coding platform is now exclusively available through Digi-Key. The platform provides a comprehensive resource for developers to learn about the XBee API and other key features that enable reliable wireless communications for many real-world applications, such as, working control systems and sensing networks.

XBee modules enable faster time-to-market, lower costs, design flexibility, excellent range and superior data rates for those seeking to incorporate wireless capabilities into a whole new range of products and solutions. This exclusive distribution agreement offers experienced designers and engineers as well as those just beginning to incorporate wireless communications into their designs with specific information, hardware and documentation on wirelessly connecting devices using unlicensed 2.4GHz XBee modules.

The new coding platform features an Arduino-compatible microprocessor, three XBee modules, LEDs, adapters, cables, and other components in addition to software code examples. The platform also includes five interactive projects that use the Processing open source programming language for quick and easy development.

“Our partnership with Digi-Key enables hundreds of thousands of engineers to quickly design proven wireless capabilities into their solutions,” said Richard Halliday, vice president, Digi International. “This offering represents the next-step in our global distribution agreement and our efforts to enable engineers worldwide to leverage the innovative solution set that Digi offers.”

XBee wireless networking technology helps deliver a new range of applications and devices fully integrated with Digi Device Cloud for secure, efficient management of multiple devices in true end-to-end wireless connectivity solutions. The XBee comes in two hardware footprints (through-hole and surface-mount) and a variety of antenna options that empower engineers with design flexibility, says the company.

“The XBee brand by Digi International is well known in wireless circles for delivering innovation at an appealing price point,” said David Stein, vice president, global semiconductors, Digi-Key. “The new coding platform is a key offering in helping engineers understand how easy it is to incorporate Digi technologies into their solutions – and reap the benefits that wireless capabilities can bring.”

Digi-Key has created a dedicated site allowing engineers to become more familiar with the extent of XBee capabilities and determine which XBee solutions are best suited to their needs.

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