Compact and highly-efficient AC-DC driver LED lighting applications

22-07-2015 | Farnell element14 | Semiconductors

The ON Semiconductor NCL30030 PWM controller is now available from Farnell element14. The device integrates power factor correction (PFC) and quasi-resonant fly-back controllers to ensure a compact and highly-efficient A/-DC LED driver for high-performance, low-ripple LED lighting applications. The quasi-resonant current-mode fly-back stage features a proprietary valley-lockout circuitry, ensuring stable valley switching and works down to the 4th valley before it toggles to a frequency fold-back mode with a minimum frequency clamp beyond the 4th valley to eliminate audible noise. The PFC stage features a proprietary multiplier architecture to achieve low harmonic distortion and near-unity power factor while operating in a Critical Conduction Mode (CrM). The NCL30030 also features skip mode operation, which allows high efficiency in light load conditions while consuming very low standby power consumption which is critical in SMART lighting applications. Boost diode short-circuit protection, adjustable PFC disable threshold, a 700V rated high voltage start-up circuit and timer-based overload protection are among the other features of the NCL30030. Typical applications include AC/DC low ripple LED drivers, LED electronic control gear, LED driver power supplies and power supplies for LED signage. The controllers are ideal for LED luminaires, medical and industrial power supplies below 250W, open-frame power supplies below 250W and adapters, says the company.

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