First quad-channel protector and multiplexers with programmable fault detection

10-07-2015 | Analog Devices | New Technologies

Analog Devices has introduced a quad-channel protector and two multiplexers offering +/-55-V over-voltage protection (OVP) for precision converters, amplifiers and other components that operate from a low voltage of 4.5V up to 36V.

The ADG5462F quad channel protector, ADG5248F 8:1 multiplexer and ADG5249F differential 4:1 multiplexer offer +/-55-V OVP in power-on and power-off stages and provide robust, precision protection against hot-swapping and operator miss-use events, thereby protecting downstream analog components.

By providing on-chip fault diagnostics, the new devices are the first in the industry to detect and avoid defective channels, which simplifies fault detection algorithms and improves system uptime. The new products maximize design flexibility by enabling users to define fault-trigger levels independent of primary supplies. By also removing the need for multiple discrete protection components, the ADG5462F, ADG5248F and ADG5249F optimize PCB area and simplify the design process. The devices are optimized for precision instrumentation, process control and avionics applications.

The ADG5462F features ultra-low on-resistance of 10ohm and on-resistance flatness of 0.5ohm minimizes system total harmonic distortion and enhances noise performance.

The ADG5248F/49F feature ultra-low charge injection of 0.8pC and on-capacitance of 19pF enables higher accuracy, faster channel switching in multiplexed systems.

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