Latest auto-qualified shielded gate trench technology comes in TO-LL package

05-05-2015 | Digikey | Semiconductors

Fairchild Semiconductors' innovative TO-LL technology offers an extremely low package resistance, a particularly small footprint, and allows for exceptional EMI behaviour. The technology is now offered in a range of voltage classes specifically designed and qualified for automotive applications - and is now available from Digi-Key. The combination of Fairchild's latest PowerTrench shielded gate trench technology with the TO-LL package gives its leadless MOSFET products their extremely low RDS(on) ranges. Both the superior silicon technology, as well as the package design, result in exceptional switching and EMI performance, which is particularly beneficial for switching and PWM controlled applications in particular and has been verified by early users of the devices. At the same time, it simplifies design, avoids additional passive components, and overall enables electronic manufacturers to better serve the markets for high-current applications. Compared to other discrete packages, the number of parallel MOSFETs needed in high-current applications can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated, leading to overall lower system costs, says the company.

By Electropages Admin