Controller enables one-step design-in of 3D gesture recognition

23-01-2015 | Microchip Technology | Design & Manufacture

Microchip announces the second member of its award-winning and patented
GestIC family. The new MGC3030 3D gesture controller features simplified
user-interface options focused on gesture detection, enabling true one-step
design-in of 3D gesture recognition in consumer and embedded devices. Housed
in an easy-to-manufacture SSOP28 package, the MGC3030 expands the use of
highly sought after 3D gesture control features to high-volume
cost-sensitive applications such as toys, audio and lighting.

The simplicity of gesture-detection integration offered by the MGC3030 is
also achieved through Microchip's free, downloadable AUREA Graphical User
Interface (GUI) and easily configurable general-purpose IO ports that even
allow for host MCU/processor-free usage. The MGC3030's on-chip 32-bit
digital signal processor executes real-time gesture processing, eliminating
the need for external cameras or controllers for host processing, and
allowing for faster and more natural user interaction with devices.

Further simplifying the design process and accelerating time to market, the
MGC3030 makes full use of the GestIC family development tools. For example,
Microchip's Colibri Gesture Suite, an on-chip software library of
sophisticated yet easy-to-use gesture features. Intuitive and natural
movements of the human hand are recognised, making the operation of a device
functional, intuitive and fun. Without the need to touch the device,
features such as Flick Gestures, the Air Wheel or proximity detection
perform commands such as changing audio tracks, adjusting volume control or
backlighting, as well as many other commands. All gestures are processed
on-chip, allowing manufacturers to realise powerful user interfaces with
very low development effort.

Unique to GestIC technology, the programmable Auto Wake-Up On Approach
feature begins operating in the range of 100 microwatts power consumption,
enabling always-on gesture sensing in power-constrained applications. If
user interaction is detected, the system automatically switches into full
sensing mode and alternates back to auto wake-up mode once the user leaves
the sensing area.
These combined features and capabilities provide designers with the ability
to quickly integrate gesture-detection features at price points that are
ideal for high-volume devices.

To enable development with the MGC3030, Microchip's Woodstar MGC3030
Development Kit (DM160226) was also announced today, priced at $139. The kit
includes the AUREA Graphical User Interface, the central tool to configure
the MGC3030, and the Colibri Suite to meet the needs of any design. AUREA is
available via a free download and the Colibri Gesture Suite is an extensive
library of proven and natural 3D gestures for hands and fingers that is
pre-programmed into the MGC3030.

The MGC3030 featuring GestIC technology is available today in a 28-pin SSOP
package, says the company.

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