Distrelec: Knipex Crimping Masterclass - Distrelec

The need for fast and secure connections is increasing with the rapid increase in electric drives and the necessary control electronics. Plug types such as Scotchlok connectors, Western plugs, module plugs, Cannon plugs, and many more are suitable for crimping – the joining process in which the connection is made via plastic deformation using a compression tool.

The complexity of possible crimp connections is continuously increasing. In addition to flexible and solid wires, fiber optic cables, antenna cables, telephone and LAN cables and many other cable types can now also be processed with crimping tools.

KNIPEX offers various solutions with which cables and plugs can be connected safely and in accordance with standards.

Distrelec invited Knipex crimping expert Marc Schneider to give us a live demonstration of the Knipex crimping range of tools.


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