The Ultimate Oscilloscope? Unveiling the MX05 with Rohde & Schwarz

In this episode of the Electropages Podcast, Robin Mitchell is joined by CS Wong and Dr Ernst Flemming from Rohde & Schwarz. CS and Ernst introduce a state-of-the-art MX05 Oscilloscope that boasts an impressive array of features and functions. Ernst, Director of Product Management for Oscilloscopes and CS, the Product Manager for the MX05, delve into the remarkable capabilities of this innovative piece of equipment. 

The MX05 oscilloscope is commended for its speed, capable of capturing 4.5 million waveforms per second across multiple channels, a feature unparalleled in the market. This rapid acquisition rate ensures almost no blind time, offering engineers enhanced efficiency and accuracy in capturing waveforms. Ernest and CS divulge the practical applications of this feature, emphasizing its utility in identifying rare errors on a bus and facilitating efficient EMI debugging.

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