Mouser: The Tech Between us - The Autonomous Robotics Revolution

Season 2 Episode 6: Autonomous Mobile Robots

Join us in our technology conversation with Niamh Donnelly, co-founder and CRO of Akara Robotics, as we explore the fascinating world of Autonomous Mobile Robots in the latest episode of "The Tech Between Us." Dive into the advancements, safety measures, and design aspects involved in bringing these robots from prototype to production. In this episode, we delve into the cutting-edge developments in hardware and technology that are driving the autonomous robotics revolution. Niamh Donnelly shares her expertise and insights on the challenges and opportunities in designing and deploying Autonomous Mobile Robots. 

From industrial automation to healthcare and beyond, Autonomous Mobile Robots are transforming various sectors, increasing efficiency, and revolutionizing workflows. Discover how these intelligent robots are navigating complex environments, adapting to real-time situations, and enhancing productivity. 

Ensuring safety is paramount in the design and operation of Autonomous Mobile Robots. Gain valuable insights into the measures implemented to guarantee the well-being of humans and the seamless integration of robots into our daily lives. 

Our sponsor partners, Molex and onsemi, contribute to the advancement of Autonomous Mobile Robots with their cutting-edge solutions and technologies. Explore their offerings and discover the possibilities of this rapidly evolving field. 

Join us in "The Tech Between Us" as we unravel the fascinating world of Autonomous Mobile Robots with Niamh Donnelly. Stay ahead of the curve and explore the potential of these intelligent machines that are shaping the future of automation. 

Don't miss out on this exciting episode and unlock the limitless possibilities of Autonomous Mobile Robots. Tune in now and be inspired by the insights shared by Niamh Donnelly and our sponsor partners, Molex and onsemi. 

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