The Hub Podcast: Diving Deep with Sfera Labs on Raspberry Pi Innovations

In our latest episode of the Electropages Podcast, we're joined by Ulderico Arcidiaco from Sfera Labs. Our conversation unveils the pioneering work Sfera Labs is undertaking in the domain of building automation and edge computing using Raspberry Pi.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Origins of Sfera Labs: Discover the serendipitous beginnings of the company and its journey to innovation.
  • Product Spotlight - Strato, Iono, and Exo: Dive into the features and applications of Sfera Labs' three primary product lines.
  • Raspberry Pi & Arduino Integration: Understand the significance of these platforms in Sfera Labs' products.
  • The Open-Source Edge: Explore the benefits of an open-source approach in hardware development.
  • Getting Started with Sfera Labs: Tips and insights for engineers looking to harness the potential of Sfera Labs' offerings.

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