Superior HDR multi-camera solution revolutionises autonomous mobility

e-con Systems has launched STURDeCAM31 - a 3MP GMSL2 HDR IP69K camera powered by a Sony ISX031 sensor for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin. Created for automotive grade, this small form factor camera has been engineered to make autonomous mobility sa

e-con Systems | 12-10-2023

New low leakage current filters satisfy market demands

Schaffner’s new FN304X series of low leakage current filters fill a notable gap in the robotics market and other industrial applications for low-profile three-phase filters. Predicting supply challenges creating hurdles in the market, th

Schaffner Holding AG | 09-10-2023

Accelerating innovation at the edge with new SOM and starter kit

AMD has released the AMD Kria K24 SOM and KD240 Drives Starter Kit, the latest additions to the Kria portfolio of adaptive SOMs and developer kits. The SOM provides power-efficient compute in a small form factor and targets cost-sensitive i

AMD | 29-09-2023

Open-source RISC-V SBC for AI and IoT/IIoT applications

Mouser now stocks the BeagleV-Ahead open-source RISC-V SBC from The SBC pushes open-source to the next level, providing developers more freedom and power to innovate and design industry-leading solutions cost-effectively. T

Mouser Electronics | 26-09-2023

Mechanically decoupled ultrasonic modules for collision avoidance

TDK Corporation offers the ultrasonic sensor module USSM1.0 PLUS-FS, where the sensor element is mechanically decoupled from the housing. This makes the IP65/67 protected sensor (B59110W2111W032) immune to external mechanical vibrations tha

TDK | 22-09-2023

Microcontroller board for industrial automation and IoT prototyping

Mouser now stocks the UNO R4 microcontroller board from Arduino. The board is powered by the Renesas RA4M1 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4 processor, providing a clock speed of 48MHz for higher processing power. To accommodate more complex projects

Mouser Electronics | 19-09-2023

Six-axis IMU for drone and robotic applications

Mouser now offers the WSEN-ISDS six-axis IMU from Würth Elektronik. The WSEN-ISDS IMU is a 16-bit digital ultra-low power and high-performance sensor featuring a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis s gyroscope, with selectable measuri

Mouser Electronics | 13-09-2023

New choke series mitigates EMI issues in robotics and motor drives

Schaffner has expanded its range of filtering solutions for suppressing EMI with a new common-mode choke series created for use with mid-size power range drives often employed in robotics and motor drives. If not dealt with, EMI may caus

Schaffner EMV AG | 05-09-2023

One-channel SMT laser for industrial LIDAR and ranging applications

Mouser now stocks the ams OSRAM SPL S1L90H one-channel SMT laser. The laser provides engineers with improved performance and easier optical integration for long-distance industrial ranging and LIDAR applications, including drones and robots

Mouser Electronics | 01-09-2023

High AI performance in a tiny rugged fanless industrial PC

SolidRun has released what is claimed to be the world's first rugged system design that combines eight-core AMD Ryzen 7040 series processors with multiple Hailo-8 AI accelerators to produce its Bedrock R7000 Edge AI for AI applications. Thi

SolidRun | 02-08-2023

GNSS module for autonomous vehicles and robotics

Mouser now stocks the ZED-F9P GNSS module from u-blox. The module supplies engineers with precise, centimetre-level accuracy for industrial navigation, with high update rates and low power consumption, making the module ideal for dynamic ap

Mouser Electronics | 28-07-2023

New serial transceiver products for simplifying sensing and control systems

THine Electronics, Inc has released its new serial transceiver products, THCS253 and THCS254, that allow systems with many peripheral sensors to simplify cabling for the sensor and control functions. These products facilitate system cost, s

THine Electronics | 25-07-2023

Laser diode offers solution for 3D sensing applications

Mouser now stocks the SPL PL90AT03 laser diode from ams OSRAM. The laser diode delivers 75W of peak power and a narrow 110µm aperture, providing outstanding performance for 3D sensing, Lidar and ToF applications. The laser diode is a cost-e

Mouser Electronics | 21-07-2023

IR sensor modules provide robust operation in direct sunlight

New Yorker Electronics now offers Vishay’s release of two new fixed-gain IR sensor modules developed to lower costs and improve stability for outdoor sensor applications. Offering typical irradiance of 1.3mW/m² in compact Minimold packages,

New Yorker Electronics | 20-07-2023