Ultra-lightweight through-hole force-torque sensor for robotics applications released

Bota Systems has launched the PixONE, a cutting-edge through-hole sensor that combines high-performance electronics within a compact, ultra-lightweight design. Developed for seamless integration into robotic systems, it features a through-h

Bota Systems | 02-05-2024

Latest compact industrial computer equipped with AI acceleration module

DFI's latest compact and fan-less industrial PCs are the EC70A-ADP. The PC is designed with rich I/O and wide temperature support, allowing diverse deployment for AMRs and AGVs. The EC700-ADN is equipped with the Hailo-8 module, offering ad

DFI | 29-04-2024

ToF proximity sensor for presence and system activation applications

Mouser now offers the VL53L4ED ToF high-accuracy proximity sensor from STMicroelectronics. The sensor is designed for high-accuracy, short-range measurements requiring extended temperature performance for robotics, presence detection, indus

Mouser Electronics | 26-04-2024

Delivering expert perspectives on flexible manufacturing in new eBook

Mouser has announced a new eBook in collaboration with Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), focusing on how a flexible manufacturing approach can help production facilities achieve greater throughput, product quality, and cost-efficiency than ever b

Mouser Electronics | 22-04-2024

M12 connectors as SMT variants for efficient automated processes

binder offers products from several M12 series as SMDs. They are appropriate for further processing in fully automated processes, such as for the particularly dense, double-sided assembly of PCBs. These are utilised in automation technology

Binder | 10-04-2024

Right-angle crimp socket for popular wire-to-board connector series

Hirose has extended its DF60 Series to include a rugged right-angle crimp socket that provides design flexibility and space-savings in demanding, power-hungry applications. Providing a compact design, the right-angle DF60FS Series crimp soc

Hirose | 10-04-2024

Inspiring innovation at Embedded World 2024

Mouser will inspire innovation at this year's Embedded World. From 9 to 11 April, the embedded electronics community will meet in person to learn more about the latest industry trends and collaboratively develop ideas and concepts for the f

Mouser Electronics | 13-03-2024

Motion tracking MEMS device supports drone and robotics applications

Mouser now stocks the IIM-20670 MotionTracking MEMS device from TDK InvenSense. The device is a robust SmartIndustrial six-axis IMU for tilt and stabilization applications. The device supports industrial applications requiring extreme tempe

Mouser Electronics | 17-01-2024

Robotics computing platform launched with partners for industrial AMR and outdoor robots

e-con Systems and Ambarella, Inc. have announced their partnership and the e-con Robotics Computing Platform (eRCP) launch. Based on Ambarella's flagship CV72S edge AI SoC, this new platform is specifically developed to satisfy the needs of

e-con Systems | 17-01-2024

Optical distance sensor modules offer a particularly large FoV

With theTMF8820-1A, Rutronik adds new distance sensor modules from ams OSRAM to its range. The direct ToF sensors support a detection range of up to 5000mm with a dynamically adjustable FoV. The raw data is processed on the chip, and the se

Rutronik | 11-01-2024

High-precision GNSS module for precise nav/positioning in UAVs and mobile robotics

Mouser now stocks the NEO-F9P high-precision GNSS module from u-blox. Based on the company's 184-channel F9 engine receiver platform, the NEO-F9P is a multi-band GNSS positioning module that caters to high-volume industrial applications in

Mouser Electronics | 28-12-2023

Highly accurate and robust induction motor position sensing technology

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released a cost-effective IPS technology for highly accurate motor position sensor ICs for industrial, medical and robotics applications. Using non-contact coil sensors, the position sensing technology ca

Renesas | 31-10-2023

Updated M12 line offers greater versatility in industrial applications

Stewart Connector, a Bel group company, has expanded its M12 cable and connector product line for industrial applications and harsh environments. All of the cables and connectors in the M12 product line are developed for use in rugged sp

Stewart Connector | 30-10-2023

Raspberry Pi SBC delivers speed improvements over previous generations

Mouser now offers the highly anticipated Pi 5 SBC from Raspberry Pi. Building on the success of the Raspberry Pi 4, the Pi 5 SBC delivers a 2x to 3x increase in CPU performance, a substantial uplift in GPU performance, and noticeable enhanc

Mouser Electronics | 23-10-2023