Semiconductor Circuits

Converter ideal for industrial or distributed power architecture applications

Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. has introduced the new “Cool Power Technologies” ultra-wide input range 5V, 8A (40W) 1×1 DC-DC converter. This open frame or optional encapsulated modu

Products | 07-06-2016

Ultra-wide input range 3.3V, 9A (30W) 1 × 1 DC-DC converter stands alone

Semiconductor Circuits now offers the 'Cool Power Technologies' ultra-wide input range 3.3V, 9A (30W) 1 × 1 DC-DC converter. The open frame, or optional encapsulated module, pro

Products | 01-02-2016

Open-frame 16th-brick modules provide up to 100W of output power

Semiconductor Circuits has expanded the power rating of its Cool Power Technologies wide input range 16th-brick DC-DC converter series. The open-frame modules provide up to 100W

Products | 21-07-2015