Companies partner to jointly break new ground for prostheses

French startup Kurage combines innovative medical technology and top-class sports in a more inclusive world. It employs intelligent products to help people with limited mobility mo

Test & Measurement | 28-11-2022

Capacitive silicone force sensor makes gripping safe and dexterous

The human hand displays a dexterity yet unmatched by technology. Force sensors can close this gap by providing feedback on the grip force, evading damage to delicate and fragile ob

Design & Manufacture | 04-10-2021

Capacitive silicone force sensor offers intelligent electronic skin

Sateco breaks new ground, adding the capacitive silicone sensor SXTSC to its portfolio of keypad systems. The elastomer sensor operates according to the capacitive operating princi

Test & Measurement | 01-04-2021

Silicone actuators added to portfolio of established keypad systems

Sateco is breaking new ground and has added the SXTA silicone actuators to its portfolio of established keypad systems. The dielectric elastomer actuators, additionally known as ar

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 19-03-2021