Samsung Electro-Mechanics

New high-voltage MLCC benefits EV OBCs

Samsung Electro-Mechanics launches a high-performance CLLC-resonant MLCC that offers 22nF at 1000V. Providing the optimal solution for the OBCs of EVs, mass production of the innov

Power | 26-04-2024

C0G MLCC line-up extended from 50V to 250V

In line with the demand for a wider selection of MLCC solutions for automotive system manufacturers, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is unveiling its new CL10C102JE81PN#, extending its C

Passives | 14-11-2023

Expanded MLCC offering for automotive powertrain and safety systems

A new MLCC from Samsung Electro-Mechanics broadens the portfolio of compact, high-capacitance solutions obtainable to automotive system manufacturers. The newly developed CL31B106K

Passives | 19-10-2023

New automotive MLCC offers the world’s largest capacitance

To meet growing demand from the automotive industry for compact MLCCs with increased capacitance, Samsung Electro-Mechanics reveals a ground-breaking new solution. The company’s im

Passives | 14-06-2023

High-temperature MLCC products and extreme temperature solution

Samsung Electro-Mechanics X8L and X8G MLCC guarantee high reliability in extreme temperatures. High voltage power converters are crucial to EV Powertrain systems as HEV is being de

Power | 01-12-2022