C0G MLCC line-up extended from 50V to 250V

14-11-2023 | Samsung Electro-Mechanics | Passives

In line with the demand for a wider selection of MLCC solutions for automotive system manufacturers, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is unveiling its new CL10C102JE81PN#, extending its C0G portfolio from 50V to 250V.

The new device offers 1nF at 250V rating in a compact 0603-inch (1.6mm x 0.8mm) package size. This specification will appeal to manufacturers of automotive powertrain and safety systems, where MLCC numbers and variants have increased dramatically in recent years. Among the drivers of this trend are vehicle electrification and demand for even higher levels of functionality.

Vehicle safety and reliability rely on MLCCs because they bring stability to onboard circuits. While all MLCCs need to balance stability, miniaturisation and capacitance, the ability to withstand higher voltages is also vital. Voltage strength is the maximum level of continuous voltage that can be applied across an MLCC. If an MLCC sees voltage stress above its threshold, short circuits can result due to lower insulation resistance and increased current.

To assist automotive system manufacturers in avoiding this unwelcome outcome, the latest MLCC with C0G temperature characteristics from the company provides a 250V rating. The successful development of this solution relied on the company’s impressive in-house manufacturing capabilities, mainly involving proprietary ceramic and electrode material atomisation and ultra-precision lamination.

The C0G TCC means that the exceptionally stable new device provides a capacitance change rate of ±30ppm/C over a wide temperature range of -55C to +125C. It is the most popular formulation of temperature-compensation EIA Class I ceramic materials.

Samples of the new device are available to order now.


By Seb Springall

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