New automotive MLCC offers the world’s largest capacitance

14-06-2023 | Samsung Electro-Mechanics | Passives

To meet growing demand from the automotive industry for compact MLCCs with increased capacitance, Samsung Electro-Mechanics reveals a ground-breaking new solution. The company’s impressive CL32Y106KCJ6PJ# MLCC delivers the world’s largest capacitance of 10µF for a device of this size at just 1210-inch or 3.2mm x 2.5mm and a voltage rating of 100V.

The number of MLCCs installed in modern vehicles is increasing rapidly in line with the increasing functionality of EVs, ADAS, AD systems, and HEAD Lighting. As a result, the miniaturisation, stability, and increased capacitance of MLCCs have become prime market necessities.

Many of these applications are powertrain or safety-related, demanding the development of a solution based on many years of design and manufacturing experience in technologies of this type. Using the company’s proprietary ceramic and electrode material atomisation and ultra-precision lamination method, the company has produced a cutting-edge product for the automotive market that overcomes a genuine industry issue.

Mass production of the new MLCC is now underway.

By Seb Springall