Less copper and more power with lower cost busbar

Rittal has released the new Ri4Power; a streamlined copper busbar that has been designed around the new VX25 enclosure. It gives greater levels of efficiency for panel builders and

Subs & Systems | 30-05-2019

Network cable organiser offers optimum performance and high flexibility with cabling

The Network Cable Organizer (NCO) from Rittal revolutionises patching work on the enclosure, with eight times faster assembly. Not only providing time savings, it also creates spac

Products | 14-06-2018

New IT LED system light meets the standard requirement for racks

Designed for both IT network and server enclosures, the new light, from Rittal, has an output of 600 lumens, which meets the standard specification for racks such as their TS IT an

Products | 14-02-2018

New enclosures offer better value and durability than unibody enclosures

Rittal has introduced the SE 8 line of stand-alone enclosures. The new enclosures combine the interior space efficiency of modular designs with a price point that rivals unibody en

Products | 05-02-2018

Capturing, transmitting and processing data into the Cloud with new cooling units

One of the reasons why cutting-edge connectivity has become so important in factories and similar environments is to facilitate new, smarter ways of working, such as predictive mai

Products | 07-06-2017

Compact power distribution units cut IT rack production times in half

Rittal has developed four new compact power distribution units (PDUs) for professional power distribution in IT racks - which will halve the time a system takes to assemble compare

Power | 01-06-2015