Less copper and more power with lower cost busbar

30-05-2019 | Rittal | Subs & Systems

Rittal has released the new Ri4Power; a streamlined copper busbar that has been designed around the new VX25 enclosure.

It gives greater levels of efficiency for panel builders and switchgear manufacturers across electrical power distribution in industrial environments and also provides other advantages, including as higher current ratings and simpler monitoring and maintenance. Solutions based around this system have been tested and certified to IEC 61439.

Compared to its predecessor, the new copper busbars offer a smaller cross-section, which decreases costs. Also, its streamlined dimensions allow a higher current providing a higher rated current of up to 6300A, with short-circuit protection up to 100kA for one second. Flat copper bars are utilised for the different busbar configurations, with a maximum of four bars per phase.

The busbar supports have been redesigned, so they accommodate both 600mm and 800mm deep enclosures, and they can be connected either to the left or right side.

Added to which, installation is also now far simpler; the support can be fastened to the enclosure with only three screws.

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