Latest 100W S-Band GaN transistors for demanding needs

TriQuint's new TGF2929-FL and TGF2929-FS GaN transistors are now available from RFMW. The 28V devices offer 107W P3dB for applications in radar, professional / defence communicati

Products | 17-02-2015

Tunable inductors offer highest Q in the industry

Offering the highest Q in the industry (Q=100 for the 5SQ-08), Frontier Electronics' 5SQ series tunable inductors are now available from RFMW. Low insertion loss minimizes roll-

Products | 13-02-2015

Two-stage power amp offers 30.5dB of gain with 31.3dBm output power

Available now from RFMW, Qorvo's (RFMD / TriQuint) TQP9108 has two stages of amplification offering 30.5dB of gain with 31.3dBm output power. Covering 1.7 to 2.17GHz, the TQP9108 s

Products | 22-01-2015

High-performance crimp plug for RG142, 223 and 400 cables

RFMW now supplies the Delta Electronics Manufacturing 1103018A00E-000 N crimp type plug. Designed for commercial and defence applications including flight requirements, the connec

Products | 15-01-2015

Two-stage power amplifier serves small-cell applications

RFMW now supplies the TQP9107 two-stage power amplifier from Qorvo (the new company name for the merger of TriQuint and RFMD). With two stages of amplification, the TQP9107 offe

Products | 13-01-2015

Hyperabrupt junction varactor diode specifically designed for battery operation

Specifically designed for battery operation, RFMW now supplies the Skyworks SMV1275-079LF hyperabrupt junction varactor diode. The device's specified high-capacitance ratio and

Products | 09-01-2015