High-linearity low-power demodulator / modulator offers 6dB more than others

Now available from RFMW, ParkerVision's PV5870 is a direct conversion quadrature demodulator / modulator designed for communication systems requiring exceptional linearity with the

Products | 24-07-2015

Three-stage GaN amplifier offers 35W Ku-band performance

Offering 35W of saturated output power for Ku-band applications, RFMW now stocks the Qorvo TGA2239 high-power MMIC amplifier. The Qorvo TGA2239 operates over 13-15.5GHz with pow

Products | 02-07-2015

Versatile VVAs for repeater, wireless backhaul and wireless infrastructure applications

Suitable for applications such as repeaters, wireless backhaul and wireless infrastructure, RFMW now offers Skyworks Solutions' SKY1223x series of voltage-controlled variable atten

Products | 26-06-2015

Seven-bit digital step attenuator offers reduced spurious DSA for T&M

RFMW offers design and sales support for Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE43713, a 7-bit digital step attenuator featuring 'glitch-less' attenuation state transitions, 1.8V control volt

Products | 12-06-2015

New 9kHZ broadband 7-bit DSA offers high monotonicity

Now stocked by RFMW, Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE43711 is a 7-bit digital step attenuator capable of maintaining 0.25dB monotonicity through 4GHz. Operating to 6GHz, the PE43711

Products | 02-06-2015

New 180W LDMOS transistor suits industrial, scientific and medical needs

Covering the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band of 2400MHz to 2500MHz, NXP's BLF2425M6LS180P 180W LDMOS transistor is now available from RFMW. The BLF2425M6LS180P has

Products | 10-04-2015

Internally-matched LDMOS power transistor for 2400 to 2500MHz broadband operation

NXP's LDMOS power transistor are internally-matched for broadband operation from 2400 to 2500MHz. Now available from RFMW, the BLF2425M7LS140 provides 140W average CW power with 1

Products | 07-04-2015

Latest 12W transistor target industrial heating applications

Offering 12W average CW output power, NXP’s BLF25M612G LDMOS power transistor is now available from RFMW. The device is designed as a driver amplifier for high-power CW applicatio

Products | 31-03-2015

High-efficiency 5W GaN input-matched transistor covers 5GHz ISM bands

RFMW now stocks TriQuint's TGF3020-SM high-efficiency, GaN, 5W input-matched transistor covering the 5GHz ISM bands. The device provides 5.7W P3dB at 5.4GHz. The transistor can be

Products | 19-03-2015

New RF amplifier increases frequency coverage to support newer CATV designs

RFMW now supplies the TriQuint TAT7472A1F RF amplifier, a next-generation replacement for the proven AH22. With a bandwidth of 50 to 1218MHz, the TAT7472A1F increases the frequenc

Products | 16-03-2015

Low-noise amplifiers for radar and satellite communication systems

RFMW now stocks TriQuint's TGA2618-SM, 16GHz to 18GHz low-noise amplifier which offers a noise figure of 2.3dB for use in both commercial and defence radar as well as satellite com

Products | 05-03-2015

Surface-mount iso-attenuator provides dual solution for high-power circuit protection

RFMW now stocks the RF Circulator Isolator RFSL2308-A30 iso-attenuator which combines protection for active components from distortion or potentially damaging reflected power with

Products | 03-03-2015

Easy access to standard and custom RF, microwave and microelectronics products

RFMW has announced a worldwide distribution agreement with API Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance RF, microwave and millimetre-wave solutions. Under the agreem

Products | 20-02-2015

Surface-mount isolators support up to 80W for infrastructure applications

Available at popular base station frequencies from 728 to 2690MHz, RFCI's new surface-mount isolators are now available from RFMW. The pin-style isolators offer 500W peak forward

Products | 19-02-2015