Tunable inductors offer highest Q in the industry

13-02-2015 | RFMW | Passives

Offering the highest Q in the industry (Q=100 for the 5SQ-08), Frontier Electronics' 5SQ series tunable inductors are now available from RFMW.

Low insertion loss minimizes roll-off near the cut-off frequency in low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filter applications. Diplexer designs benefit from the low insertion loss as well and experience high stability over temperature. Additional applications include tuner circuits and oscillators.

The RoHS-compliant 5SQ series tunable inductors have an notable reliability history with zero field failures among the 50 million pieces already shipped by Frontier Electronics. Inductance ranges from 0.0275rH (5SQ-01A) to 0.53)H (5SQ-09) with self-resonant frequencies from 450 to 1450MHz.

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