Latest 12W transistor target industrial heating applications

31-03-2015 | RFMW | Semiconductors

Offering 12W average CW output power, NXP’s BLF25M612G LDMOS power transistor is now available from RFMW. The device is designed as a driver amplifier for high-power CW applications in the 2400 to 2500MHz ISM band.

Operating from a 28V supply, efficiency of the BLF25M612G is rated at 58%. Offering a very high gain of 18dB, the transistor offer high ruggedness and thermal stability. NXP provides a range of high power transistors for the industrial heating market with devices up to 250W. The LDMOS amplifiers offer higher reliability for industrial drying applications requiring minimal down time. The devices offer greater flexibility with regards to efficient heating when compared to magnetrons, says the company.

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