30W AC/DC range expanded with an open frame version

The RECOM RACM30-K/277 range of low-cost, board-mount AC/DCs has been expanded to include an open frame option, halving the weight compared with existing potted versions. The highl

Power | 09-10-2023

AC/DC power supply with 12V and 48V outputs and 800W peak power

RECOM has released two new cost-effective RACM600-L AC/DC series variants with 12V and 48V outputs. Adding to the current 24V output version, the new parts are also rated for exten

Power | 21-09-2023

Switching regulator features pre-formed leads

RECOM has added a pre-formed lead option to its popular 2A switching regulator. The RECOM R-78K-2.0 series is a cost-efficient drop-in replacement for through-hole ‘78 series’ thre

Power | 13-09-2023

Series switching regulators offer further improvement

RECOM's R-78 series of switching regulators is a drop-in replacement for lossy linear types and is now available with an extended input voltage range to 40V and a wider operating a

Power | 05-09-2023

Showcasing high power density medical grade DC-DC technology

RECOM has added a 60W board-mount DC-DC with high power density and medical-grade isolation to its portfolio. The cost-effective REM60-W is provided with two input ranges, 9-36VDC

Power | 17-07-2023

Cost-effective DC-DCs suited to railway applications

DC-DCs for rail applications generally function from 72V, 96V, or 110VDC nominal input with dips and surges. To meet this application, RECOM’s new, cost-effective RPxx-RAW range of

Power | 30-05-2023

Series of books published covering EMC and its implications

RECOM has published the latest in its series of 'Books of Knowledge' aimed at EMC. Written by the company's innovation manager, Steve Roberts, and EMC engineering team leader, Jose

Power | 05-05-2023

Wide input DC-DC in 1" x 1" package added to converter series

RECOM has added to its 'K' series of DC-DC converters with the REC5K-AW, a 5W, wide input DC-DC in a plastic package, only 1" x 1" footprint, 0.4 "profile (25.4mm x 25.4mm x 10mm).

Power | 28-04-2023

Board-mount DC-DCs for harsh environment railway applications

A new range of RECOM DC-DCs for railway applications set a standard for power density and cost-effectiveness with 40W output in an industry-standard 2“ x 1” x 0.4” (50.8mm x 25.4mm

Power | 19-04-2023

DC-DCs announced with major technology upgrades

RECOM launches multiple product upgrades. Many modular low-power DC-DCs on the market have been developed to fit manual, low-cost assembly, which only suits the most straightforwar

Power | 29-03-2023

High-efficiency three-terminal switching regulators upgraded

RECOM has upgraded its R-78 series switching regulators. The series of three-terminal switching regulators has been a popular high-efficiency replacement for three-terminal, TO-220

Power | 23-03-2023

Highly versatile board-mount AC/DCs extend comprehensive range

The wide range of low-power AC/DCs from RECOM has been extended with a 30W part in a class-leading package size of 1.6” x 2” x 1” (40mm x 52.5mm x 25.5mm). The highly efficient RAC

Power | 24-02-2023

Miniature package series of 30W DC-DC converters

RECOM introduces wide-input 30W DC-DC in a miniature package. Packing a 30W rating into a 25.4mm x 25.4mm low-profile case, the new cost-effective REC30E-Z series also provides two

Power | 06-02-2023

Cost-effective DC-DC converter range in miniature case

RECOM has released a new family of surface-mount, cost-effective, regulated DC-DC converters designated R5M, R3M, R2M, and R1M, rated at 5W, 3W, 2W, and 1W, respectively. The parts

Power | 20-01-2023