DC-DCs ideal for mobility applications

21-12-2023 | RECOM Power | Power

RECOM has added to its range of cost-effective, regulated DC-DC converters for mobility applications with models rated at 400W output. The RMOD400-28-13SW offers a wide 16.8V to 56V input range with 13V output, the RMOD400-60-24SW operates from 33.6V to 96V (125V peak) input with 24V output, and the RMOD400-80-13SEW delivers an extra-wide input continuous input range of 33.6V to 125V, with a 13V output.

Intended for onboard power conversion in mobility and industrial vehicles, mounted in unprotected areas, all parts are IP69K-rated for protection against water and dust and are ‘ready to use’ with sealed plug-and-play connections. The range is chassis-mounted with baseplate cooling and achieves high efficiency, maintained down to light loads, in a size of just 115mm x 203mm x 61mm overall, and operates with baseplate cooling to ambient 85C without derating.

Ruggedness of the parts is improved by comprehensive protection, including input reverse polarity, over temperature and output over-current and short circuits. The isolation rating is 2.5kVDC ‘Basic’ grade, and safety certifications are IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1. Parts are qualified to standard EN 60068 for resistance to temperature cycling, shock and endurance, humidity/heat cycling, vibration, mechanical shock and salt spray.

Marco Kuhn, Plug and Play DC-DC product manager of RECOM, comments: “Our RMOD series of DC-DCs are ‘ready to use’ in a wide variety of mobility applications with different nominal battery voltages. Because of their comprehensive qualifications, you can fit them anywhere with confidence in a high-reliability solution”.


By Nigel Seymour

Nigel has worked in the advertising and magazine publishing industry for many years prior to helping publish articles in the early years of Electropages. He has worked with technical agencies producing documents and artwork for the web over the last few years. He has been products editor for Electropages for over five years.