High peak load power supply for medical laser applications

03-02-2020 | Powerbox | Power

Powerbox has released its new power supply solution for high peak load applications in the medical area. Based on digital control and high energy storage management techniques, the SMM3000A80024C series produces 2.25kW repetitive peak power to medical lasers with high efficiency. The device satisfies medical safety standards and for silent operation it incorporates a thermo-controlled cooling system.

“A good device has less than a millisecond pulse width, meaning that it is incredibly fast-firing, requiring the power supply to be able to deliver high energy levels during the pulse, but also able to restore energy for the next pulse.” Said Patrick Le Fèvre, Powerbox chief marketing and communication officer. “To meet such requirements is a great challenge, though by combining digital power and special PRBX innovations, the PRBX 2.25kW AC/DC capacitor charger SMM3000A80024C effectively meets the requirements of the job and complies with the medical safety standard IEC60601-1 3rd.”

The power supply gives a level of protection, primary to secondary main output of 2 x MOOP, and 2 x MOPP to auxiliary output. To support different capacitor banks and applications, the output voltage can be altered from zero to 800VDC (600VDC nominal) with an output current of 5.5A at nominal. An automatic current controller ensures that the power envelope is constantly within safe limits, decreasing capacitor ageing and overstressing of components, therefore adding to a longer lifetime. The device has a built-in microprocessor continually monitoring the charging status, reporting end of charge and discharge level, plus all protection warnings due to abnormal operation including over-temperature, over-voltage and current.

To reduce line disturbances, the device includes a very high efficiency PFC, soft-start circuitry, filtering and is housed in a six-sided shielded case.

The device also provides an auxiliary output voltage of 24VDC, decreasing the demand for an extra power supply to power laser controller and interfaces. For further power, the device can be connected in parallel.

By Natasha Shek