New switcher IC family with multiple independently regulated outputs

01-03-2024 | Power Integrations | Power

Power Integrations has announced the InnoMux-2 family of single-stage, independently regulated multi-output offline power-supply ICs. The ICs consolidate AC/DC and downstream DC-DC conversion stages into a single chip, supplying up to three independently regulated outputs for use in white goods, industrial systems, displays and other applications requiring multiple voltages. Eliminating separate DC-DC stages slashes component count, reduces PCB footprint and increases efficiency by as much as ten percentage points compared to traditional two-stage architectures. Efficiency is assisted by the ICs' 750V PowiGaN GaN transistors, zero-voltage switching (without an active clamp) and synchronous rectification.

Roland Saint-Pierre, vice president of product development at Power Integrations, said: "Most modern electronic systems rely on multiple internal voltages to operate various functions such as computing, communication and actuation function – typically heat, light, sound or motion of some kind. But losses in each conversion stage are compounded, degrading system performance and generating heat. The InnoMux-2 IC overcomes this challenge by providing up to three independently regulated voltage outputs or two voltage outputs and a constant current output from a single stage, achieving a compact and efficient power sub-system with low component count."

The ICs deliver up to 90W of output power with accurate regulation of better than ±3% across the full input line, load, temperature and differential current step conditions. Total power system efficiency (AC to regulated low-voltage DC segment) is above 90%; the advanced InnoMux-2 controller also manages light-load power delivery, avoiding the necessity for pre-load resistors and lowering no-load consumption to less than 30mW. This conserves power for necessary functionality in applications subject to the 300mW allowance for standby usage under the European EuP regulations.

The devices leverage the company's thermally efficient InSOP24 and InSOP28 packages with PCB cooling, so no heatsink is needed. Device options include dual- and three-output CV; optionally, one output may be dedicated to the CC drive, appropriate for powering LEDs in displays or high-speed charging of an internal battery.

Typical applications include TVs, monitors, appliances, networking, home and building automation, LED emergency lighting and industrial power supplies.


By Seb Springall

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