New active GPS timing antenna delivers high gain and low noise

PolyPhaser has released a new active GPS timing antenna. With high gain and low noise, this new timing antenna filters and amplifies GNSS L1, GLONASS G1, and BeiDou B1 global posit

Passives | 18-09-2023

Expanded line of RF surge protectors for telecom and emergency response applications

PolyPhaser has added two extended-range RF surge protectors with 2.2-5 and 4.3-10 type connectors to its quarter-wave stub design line. The new devices protect all major cell bands

Passives | 28-02-2023

Expanded line of 7/16 DIN quarter-wave surge protectors

PolyPhaser has released a new quarter-wave RF surge protector to guard equipment against EMP and power surges caused by lightning or other strong electrical changes. The new QWP-DM

Passives | 23-06-2022

New VHF/UHF RF surge protectors offer 12 configurations

PolyPhaser offers its 4.3-10 RF surge protectors, which are excellent for critical communication networks and LMR applications, with 12 configurations offered. Created to protect o

Power | 24-05-2021

New enclosures and panels for FTTx, fibre distribution networks and more

PolyPhaser offers a new line of fibre terminal boxes, splitter distribution boxes and rack-mount panels that are excellent for cable TV, communications, telecom, surveillance and m

Subs & Systems | 12-05-2021

New low PIM RF surge protector safeguards sensitive outdoor equipment

PolyPhaser, an Infinite Electronics brand, has launched a new RF surge protector perfect for CBRS network operators, cellular, DAS and LMR applications, available for same-day ship

Power | 07-04-2021

Expanded RF surge protector line offer excellent broadband performance

PolyPhaser offers its new cost-effective, high-performance RF surge protectors. They are ideal for cellular, DAS and LMR applications, with four configurations. Designed to protect

Power | 12-02-2021

New gas tube RF SPDs provide cost-effective protection for global applications

PolyPhaser has launched a value-priced gas tube RF surge protector line optimised for global applications, with all configurations available for same-day shipping. The company's ne

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 14-05-2020