Microchip Technology

High-voltage SiC-based power modules simplify and speed system integration

Microchip Technology has introduced the 3.3kV XIFM plug-and-play mSiC gate driver with patented Augmented Switching technology, designed to work out-of-the-box with preconfigured m

Power | 23-02-2024

Development platform helps students and seasoned designers work with emerging technologies

Microchip Technology has released the PolarFire SoC Discovery Kit. Providing a user-friendly, feature-rich development kit for embedded processing and compute acceleration makes em

Test & Measurement | 21-02-2024

Hardware timekeeping platform provides high-speed network interfaces

Microchip Technology has announced the new TimeProvider 4500 grandmaster, a hardware timekeeping platform that provides high-speed network interfaces up to 25Gbps and allows precis

Test & Measurement | 19-02-2024

New CLB module offers tailored hardware solutions

Microchip Technology offers a tailored hardware solution with the release of its PIC16F13145 family of MCUs. Outfitted with a new CIP – the Configurable Logic Block (CLB) module –

Semiconductors | 29-01-2024

Ten automotive-grade multi-channel remote temperature sensors released

Microchip Technology has launched the MCP998x family of ten automotive-qualified remote temperature sensors. The MCP998x family is one of the largest portfolios of automotive-grade

Test & Measurement | 24-01-2024

Next-generation family of Ethernet switches provide TSN

Microchip Technology has announced its next-generation of LAN969x Ethernet switches with TSN, scalable bandwidths from 46Gbps to 102Gbps and a powerful 1GHz single-core Arm Cortex-

Test & Measurement | 19-01-2024

MCUs to reduce noise and vibration and system harshness in BLDC applications

Microchip Technology has launched its AVR EB family of MCUs to provide a solution for addressing NVH and efficiency in various cost-sensitive applications. AVR EB MCUs can alter sp

Semiconductors | 21-12-2023

Automate installation process with press-fit terminal power modules

Microchip Technology's expansive portfolio of SP1F and SP3F power modules are now available with Press-Fit terminals for high-volume applications. Solder-free Press-Fit power modul

Industrial | 12-12-2023

New standard of enhanced code security with family of MCUs

Microchip Technology has launched the PIC18-Q24 Family of MCUs. PIC18-Q24 MCUs provide the Programming and Debugging Interface Disable (PDID) feature to counter the threat of malic

Semiconductors | 01-12-2023

Security IC focuses on larger key sizes and enhanced cybersecurity needs

Microchip Technology has launched its latest TrustAnchor Security IC, the TA101, which can accommodate complex automotive and embedded security use cases. The device supports large

Semiconductors | 24-11-2023

Development ecosystem expanded with MPLAB XC-DSC compiler

With the fast growth of the industrial and autonomous vehicles markets, there is an ever-increasing need for software tools that allow faster and more efficient coding and debuggin

Semiconductors | 21-11-2023

MCU features an embedded hardware security module to safeguard applications

Microchip Technology has announced a new family of PIC32CZ CA 32-bit MCUs with a 300MHz Arm Cortex-M7 processor, an integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM), and a wide range of c

Semiconductors | 19-10-2023

FPGAs speed intelligent edge designs and lower development cost and risk

Microchip Technology Inc. has added nine new technology- and application-specific solution stacks to its increasing collection of mid-range FPGA and SoC support. The stacks span th

Semiconductors | 12-10-2023

Industry's first low pin count MCU family with I3C support

Leading the way in I3C integration, Microchip Technology now offers its PIC18-Q20 family of MCUs, the industry's first low-pin count MCUs with up to two I3C peripherals and MVIO. A

Semiconductors | 06-10-2023