Compact high voltage amplifier module designed for ease of use

17-03-2023 | Luso Electronics | Power

The HVM uHVA series, available now from Luso Electronics, is a family of miniature, bi-polar, zero-crossing high voltage amplifiers able to produce a high voltage up to ±5kV in response to a low voltage (0V to 5V) programming input. Developed for ease of use, the series contains a dual polarity high voltage generator and a high speed, high voltage amplifier in a space-saving (2” L x 1” W x 0.5” H) encapsulated package.

The series' proprietary, ultra-compact resonant converter design minimises quiescent current and operating noise while supplying maximum performance and reliability.

Typical applications for this module include mass spectrometry, electrostatic chucks, electron microscopes, pockel cells, and threat detection.

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By Seb Springall