New 60V dual-output step-down controller with adjustable 5V / 10V gate drive

17-04-2015 | Linear Technology | Power

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3892, a new high-voltage dual output synchronous step-down DC-DC controller that draws only 29µA when one output is active and 34µA when both outputs are enabled. The 4.5V to 60V input supply range is designed to protect against high voltage transients, ensuring continuous operation during automotive cold crank and to accommodate a broad range of input sources and battery chemistries. Each output can be set from 0.8V to 99% of VIN at output currents over 20A with efficiencies as high as 96%, making it well suited for 12V or 24V automotive, heavy equipment, industrial control, robotics and telecom applications. The LTC3892/-1’s adjustable 5V to 10V gate drivers enable the use of logic- or standard-level MOSFETs to maximize efficiency. It operates with a selectable fixed frequency between 50kHz and 900kHz, and can be synchronized to an external clock from 75kHz to 850kHz. The user can select from continuous operation, pulse-skipping and low ripple Burst Mode® operation during light loads. The LTC3892/-1’s 2-phase operation reduces input filtering and capacitance requirements. Its current mode architecture provides easy loop compensation, fast transient response, fixed frequency operation, excellent line regulation and easy current sharing with paralleled phases for higher current. Output current sensing is accomplished by measuring the voltage drop across the output inductor (DCR) for the highest efficiency or by using an optional sense resistor for high accuracy. Current foldback limits MOSFET heat dissipation during overload conditions. This device is available in two versions; the LTC3892 being the full-featured part with two power good signals, adjustable current limit and fixed 3.3V or 5V output voltage options. The LTC3892 is available in a 32-lead 5mm x 5mm QFN package and the LTC3892-1 is available in a 28-lead TSSOP package. Four temperature grades are available, with operation from -40 to 125C for the extended and industrial grades, a high-temperature automotive range of -40C to 150C and a military grade 'guaranteed' from -55C to 150C, says the company.

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