Digital voice vibration sensor for hi-fi voice pick-up in TWS

Knowles Corporation has released the first-of-its-kind Digital Voice Vibration Sensor, V2S200D. Working in conjunction with microphones, the device, a high bandwidth, low-power spe

Test & Measurement | 13-04-2023

MLCC capacitors meet growing need for rugged off-the-shelf devices

Under the Syfer brand, the Knowles Capacitors AEC-Q200 series of MLCC capacitors has extended its range, increasing the available working voltage from 2kV up to maximum 4kV. Creat

Products | 10-09-2018

Demand from OEMs continues production of three-terminal MLCC chips

“The rate of component obsolescence has increased over the last 15 years”, says Steve Hopwood, senior application engineer at Knowles Precision Devices (KPD).  “OCMs are discontinu

Products | 12-07-2018

MLCCs ideal for applications where high capacitance value is required

These RoHS Compliant, High Capacitance value BME MLC chip capacitors, from Knowles Precision Devices, are manufactured in stable Class II dielectrics X7R and X5R. The range is pro

Products | 29-05-2018

Non-magnetic variable inductors combine small size with high performance

These Johanson Manufacturing-branded variable inductors, from Knowles Precision Devices, combine small size and high performance with non-magnetic properties. Inductors and variab

Products | 30-04-2018

Capacitors launch 500VAC-rated surge and safety MLCCs

Knowles brand Syfer now offer MLCCs, for non-safety critical applications, up to 500VAC, 50/60Hz continuous. Syfer pioneered 250VAC-rated MLCCs for non-safety critical applicat

Products | 23-11-2017

SLC designed to provide higher capacitance in a smaller footprint

Available now from Knowles Capacitors and recently launched by DLI is the V Series, Single Layer Capacitor (SLC). This series was designed to provide higher capacitance in a small

Products | 17-08-2017

New range of high temperature MLC chip capacitors significantly extended

One year on from the initial launch of a new range of high temperature MLC chip capacitors, Knowles capacitor brands Novacap and Syfer Technology have jointly announced a significa

Products | 17-07-2017

Dedicated pulse discharge MLC capacitors offer exceptional reliability

Dedicated pulse discharge multilayer ceramic chip capacitors for munitions, ordinance, and oil field exploration and perforation are available from Knowles Capacitors brand, Novaca

Products | 28-06-2017

Automotive MLCCs offer users option of greater total capacitance on the board

Knowles MLCCs have been used in automotive applications for years, but the big change being seen is the voltage rating and size of components now being used. This new revolution i

Products | 28-03-2017

MLCCs go non-mag with new dielectric formulation

Knowles Capacitors has announced their ongoing material development process has qualified an X8R dielectric material to be Lead (Pb) free. This is part of their environmental comm

Products | 26-01-2017

High-performance low-ESR MLCCs exhibit no ageing effects

Knowles has expanded its Syfer range of high-Q MLCCs. Designated as the 'H' series they are manufactured from a very stable, X8G High Q ceramic dielectric to provide ultra-low E

Products | 11-07-2016

High-temperature tin-over-nickel terminated multi-layer chip capacitors

A new range of high-temperature multi-layer chip (MLC) capacitors has been introduced by Knowles. The HiT range of MLCCs has an operating temperature range of -55C to +200C and

Products | 10-05-2016

Knowles = Turnkey SMD directional couplers for high-frequency power monitoring

A new series of directional couplers from Knowles DLI provides is testament to how high-permittivity, temperature-stable materials can reduce size and weight providing high perfo

Products | 21-04-2016