Licensed second source for cStack and cLGA connectors

08-10-2015 | Hirose | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Hirose has launched a high-speed 28+ Gbps single-mould compression connector that features a low-profile design with a height of only 1.22mm. The IT11 Series is a licensed second source for the cStack and cLGA (Compression Land Grid Array) product families from Amphenol Intercon Systems. Hirose's IT11 Series is fully interchangeable with cStack assemblies.

Optimizing signal integrity, the IT11 Series compression connector series utilizes a basic 6 X 25 pin grid configuration. The standard 150- and 210-position versions have contact pitches of 1mm and 1.27mm respectively. Custom positions are also available with pin counts up to 3000+ to provide design flexibility and meet high-speed data transmission rate requirements.

The IT11 Series is ideal for use in servers for direct attachment of integrated circuits directly to the motherboard such as processors and microprocessors, and also for direct attachment of PCBs with ASIC chips. This allows connection without soldering. The IT11 Series can also be used in a flexible printed circuit (FPC) connection configuration.

Hirose's compression connector uses C-shaped spring contacts that provide several design advantages. The C-spring contact structure has a self-aligning centring feature that allows the contact to float while remaining intact in the housing, and the pin tips are contained in the housing, which reduces the chance of snagged or bent pins. In addition, the pins wipe across the mating pad when compressed. The connector also has holes for guide pins that ensure correct mounting placement. Several IT11 Series compression connectors can be configured on the same board, says the company.

"Our new IT11 Series compression connector combines high transmission speeds with a low-profile to give engineers the best of both worlds," said Tom Matsuo, general manager, High Speed Business Unit, Hirose Electric USA. "The ability to directly connect integrated chips to the motherboard without soldering greatly simplifies the assembly process. Hirose has developed a wide selection of styles and configurations to provide design flexibility and to meet most any application requirements."

The connector is particularly suitable for applications such as aerospace, automotive, data com, LGA chip sockets, medical equipment and medical devices, mobile electronic devices, and servers.

The IT11 Series connector has a rated current of 0.5A per pin, rated voltage of 50VAC, a contact resistance of 20 m ohms maximum (initial), an insulation resistance of 500VDC; and an operating temperature of -55C to +85C.


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