New board-to-FPC connector delivers twice the current-carrying capacity

03-12-2015 | Hirose | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Hirose has developed a small, board-to-flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector designed for battery-pack connections in mobile devices. The hybrid BM25 Series connector is rated up to 9A per pin for power contacts and 1A per pin for signal contacts. With a space-saving design that offers a stacking height of only 0.7mm and a depth of 2.6mm, the low-profile BM25 Series delivers twice as much current-carrying capacity in a smaller profile than traditional technologies, says the company.

Offering contact resistance as low as 5mohm or below for power contacts and 30mohm or below for signal contacts, the BM25 Series provides significant power savings by utilizing a design that minimizes contact resistance.

A six--point, highly-reliable clip-like contact structure combined with a robust eight-point metal lock provides a mating force that is resistant to intense vibration and drop impact. The BM25 Series also utilizes a metal guide structure that prevents housing damage due to incorrect mating. With a breaking strength of 70 N, the metal guide design ensures that if the header and the receptacle should be mated incorrectly, the metal hold-downs would dissipate the force and prevent housing damage.

Offering simple and easy mating operation, the BM25 Series utilizes guide ribs that self-align up to 0.48mm in the pitch direction and 0.46mm in the width direction.

"Our ultra-compact BM25 Series hybrid board-to-FPC connector delivers more power in a smaller package than competing technologies on the market," said Rick van Weezel, vice president of sales and marketing, Hirose Electric USA. "Designed for mobile device connectivity, the BM25 Series connector meets the power and signal transition needs for a wide variety of handheld consumer, medical, point of sale, inventory control, and other wireless equipment."


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