Halo Microelectronics

New I2C controlled single-cell battery charger features 2x LDOs

Halo Microelectronics has launched its 3A I2C-controlled single-cell battery charger with two LDOs. The HL7095 is an advanced I2C interface switch-mode Li-ion battery charger provi

Power | 08-09-2023

New dual-phase charge pump charger has 1:2 reverse boost mode

Halo Microelectronics has launched its HL7132D, a dual-phase 30W charge pump with 1:2 reverse boost mode. The device is a low-voltage fast direct charger for 1-cell Li-ion and Li-p

Power | 19-06-2023

New single-input cell Li-Ion and Li-Pol battery charger with an auto start

Halo Microelectronics has released its HL7040C, a highly integrated family of 2mm x 2mm single-cell Li-Ion and Li-Pol linear chargers. The device is excellent for portable applicat

Power | 24-02-2023

I2C programmable 3A dynamic voltage scaling buck converters

Halo Microelectronics has released its HL7593 and HL7594 devices, a series of synchronous buck converters optimised to supply different subsystems of portable applications. The ser

Power | 29-09-2022

Four-channel USB Type-C port protection solution

Halo Microelectronics has released its HL8261, a four-channel USB Type-C port protector for all computing, docking, and adapter essentials. The new device is a high-performance USB

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 14-09-2022

Dual-channel input with integrated boost SoC Li-Ion battery switching charger

Halo Microelectronics has released its HL7090, a fully automatic and highly integrated lithium battery charging management IC with one switching charger, two linear chargers, and f

Semiconductors | 25-08-2022

Halo Microelectronics has released the HL5099, a USB Type-C VBUS Combo Switch with Protection.

The device provides a dual-channel VBUS power switch with 3.3V LDO for USB PD applications. The device incorporates a bi-directional high-voltage switch supports up to 22V sink and

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 20-07-2022