Miniaturised adaptation of Arduino/Genuino board to fit breadboards easily

16-03-2017 | Farnell element14 | Development Boards

The Element14 tinyTILE board, from Farnell element14, can be programmed using either the Arduino IDE or Intel’s own software – the Intel Curie Open Developer Kit (CODK).

The reverse side of the board is flat, with many test-points that provide access to nearly all Intel Curie module I/O. The board is small and narrow to fit breadboards easily. The holes are unpopulated to allow easy connections to the user’s circuits. The board features the Intel Curie module, a low-power compute module that comes with motion sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy, and pattern matching capabilities for optimized analysis of sensor data.

This enables quick and easy identification of actions and motions. The board is a complete low-power solution designed for use in wearable devices and rapid prototyping. The Intel Curie module offers features that are ideal for ‘always-on’ applications requiring motion monitoring, wireless capabilities, low power and small size.

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