Cliff Electronics

Shielded and EMC cable protected for defence/aerospace and space applications

Cliff Electronics has extended its range of industry-standard VHDCI 'Centronics' style cables to fulfil the necessities for interconnecting connecting instrumentation in industries

Industrial | 10-05-2024

CAT6 IDC connector is the latest addition to feedthrough connector range

Cliff Electronics announces a CAT6 Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) to their very popular range of Feed Through connectors. The new connectors provide a panel-mounted ethern

Industrial | 05-03-2024

Industry standard DisplayPort increases FeedThrough connecter range

Cliff Electronics has added a full-size Displayport connector to its range of FeedThrough connectors. The new connector joins the existing Mini DisplayPort version and may be assem

Industrial | 07-02-2024

Wide range of control knob options customisation available

Cliff Electronics offer a wide range of control knobs to suit audio, broadcast, instrumentation, medical, lighting, vending applications and more. Rotary Control Knobs suited for u

Industrial | 15-11-2023

USB variants to right angle feedthrough connector added to range

Cliff Electronics has added to its Right-Angle FeedThrough (RAFT) connector range. The Cliff RAFT connector range is excellent for connectivity in wall-mounted boxes where the dept

Industrial | 20-10-2023

New 8K HDMI feedthrough connectors available now

Cliff Electronics has increased its feedthrough connector range with two new models providing 8K HDMI connectivity. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the new connectors support

Industrial | 29-06-2023

Right angle multi-position XLR connectors added to connectivity range

Cliff Electronics has introduced the new RAMP - Right Angle Multi-Position - version of industry-standard XLR Connectors to its connectivity product range. Main applications compri

Industrial | 25-04-2023

White USB-C male-to-female extension for data transfer and power delivery

Cliff Electronics has released a white version of its USB-C male to USB-C female extension cables. The white version has been created for applications, including clinical and home

Industrial | 27-01-2023

Extensive FeedThrough connector range adds new right-angle versions

Cliff Electronics has added a range of right-angle versions to its extensive FeedThrough Connector range. The new right-angle versions are perfect for connections in wall-mounted b

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 29-07-2022

19” rack mounting panels for feedthrough connectors in two formats

Cliff Electronics now offers panel builders and systems integrators three versions of its 1U high, 19” rack panels to facilitate assembly of their FeedThrough (FT) connector range

Subs & Systems | 24-06-2022

Increased range of fibre optic connectors and cables now available

Cliff Electronics has increased its range of optical connectors, cables and accessories ideal for many applications from high-quality audio and broadcast systems, AV installations,

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 19-05-2022

BNC connector added to range of narrow feedthrough connectors

Cliff Electronics has added a BNC connector version to its SLIMS FeedThrough Connector range. Widely employed for RF, Test and Measurement equipment and security systems, the BNC v

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 29-03-2022

Panel sockets mate with shrouded or unshrouded plugs

Cliff Electronics manufacture PCB mount 4mm shrouded sockets that can mate with safety shrouded and unshrouded plugs. The right-angled design reduces strain between the PCB and the

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 08-03-2022

Cat5e RJ45 feedthrough connector for IP65 for rugged applications

Cliff Electronics has added a new Cat5e RJ45 Feedthrough Connector to their FT range, which fits into an industry-standard XLR connector 24mm diameter panel cut out. In addition, a

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 21-01-2022