Bosch Sensortec

Cutting edge smart connected sensors platform for full-body motion tracking

Unlimited access to a personal feedback coach is the vision of many fitness and gaming enthusiasts. With the new Smart Connected Sensors platform, Bosch Sensortec ensures that move

Test & Measurement | 11-01-2024

Small energy-efficient MEMS microspeakers for innovative consumer use cases

Bosch Sensortec and Hahn-Schickard have set themselves the challenge for new technologies needed to enable innovative audio and voice-based consumer applications. The companies are

Electromechanical | 25-11-2022

Cost-effective motion sensor delivers high accuracy and power efficiency

Bosch Sensortec is launching the BMI323, an affordable IMU with outstanding performance and integrated features allowing a shorter development time. "The BMI323's combination of si

Test & Measurement | 26-10-2022

Barometric pressure sensor raises bar for mobile device accuracy and performance

Bosch Sensortec has released the BMP581, a barometric pressure sensor that teams low power consumption with extreme accuracy to deliver altitude tracking in wearables, hearables or

Test & Measurement | 11-04-2022

Sensor evaluation board for rapid prototyping accelerates development

The newly launched Bosch Sensortec Application Board 3.0 offers a versatile development solution that makes it quick and simple for engineers to work with all Bosch Sensortec senso

Design & Manufacture | 14-09-2021

4-in-1 gas sensor with AI for an extensive range of gas sensing applications

Bosch Sensortec has released the BME688, the first air quality MEMS sensor that combines humidity, gas, temperature and barometric pressure sensing with innovative AI capability, e

Test & Measurement | 03-03-2021

Robust barometric pressure sensor for wearables and industrial applications

Bosch Sensortec has developed the BMP384, a robust barometric pressure sensor giving market-leading accuracy in a compact package. The high performance and low power consumption of

Test & Measurement | 01-03-2021

Teaming up to provide innovative software solutions

Bosch Sensortec is developing innovative sensor software solutions in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies through its Qualcomm Platform Solutions Ecosystem program. Under the

New Technologies | 10-06-2020

Accurate indoor localisation enabled by pressure sensing solution

Bosch Sensortec has released the BMP390, a barometric pressure sensor that provides unmatched accuracy for altitude tracking in smartphones including wearable and hearable devices.

Test & Measurement | 27-04-2020

Sensing solutions for the fast-growing hearables market

Bosch Sensortec offers a new version of its high-performance BMA456 accelerometer. The BMA456 hearable accelerometer is claimed to be the industry’s only accelerometer with optimis

Test & Measurement | 21-06-2019

Virtual touchscreen on every surface for smart homes and IoT

Bosch Sensortec has announced the BML100PI, an Interactive Projection Module, enriching smart homes with a virtual touchscreen on every surface, which turns ordinary shelves into p

New Technologies | 09-01-2019

Customized IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions meet a mixture of customer needs

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions and Bosch Mondeville announce that they are providing customised Industry 4.0 development and manufacturing solutions for the IoT. Smart I

New Technologies | 16-11-2018

Ultra-low power accelerometer for IoT and wearables now available

Bosch Sensortec's BMA400, an ultra-low power MEMS acceleration sensor for IoT and wearable applications, is now available worldwide. Due to its low current consumption, embedde

Products | 05-10-2018

New generation of smart sensor hubs for wearables and other mobile devices

Bosch Sensortec has released the BHI260 and BHA260, the first two products of a new generation of smart sensor hubs. These new products are optimised for 24/7, always-on sensor pro

New Technologies | 29-06-2018