Accurate indoor localisation enabled by pressure sensing solution

27-04-2020 | Bosch Sensortec | Test & Measurement

Bosch Sensortec has released the BMP390, a barometric pressure sensor that provides unmatched accuracy for altitude tracking in smartphones including wearable and hearable devices. The new sensor measures height changes below 10cm thanks to the improved resolution and is 50% more accurate than its predecessor.

Accurate altitude detection helps to localise people indoors, where GPS signals are not available. The addition of the vertical-specific position to current horizontal information allows first responders to ascertain the floor level of smartphone users who trigger an emergency call. The FCC calculates that the extra vertical information has the potential to save up to 10,000 lives per year just in the USA alone.

"The use of Bosch Sensortec’s latest BMP390 pressure sensor in smartphones, enables a high precision localisation service that ultimately has the potential to save thousands of lives," said Dr Stefan Finkbeiner, CEO at Bosch Sensortec.

By Natasha Shek