Audio Precision

New modular and affordable analyser offers versatility

Audio Precision, a brand of Axiometrix Solutions, has released the new APx516B audio analyser. Targeting R&D, production testing, and other audio engineering applications, the

Test & Measurement | 24-11-2023

New module for simple testing of HDMI2 and eARC audio channels

Audio Precision has released its HDMI2 + eARC module, a fully integrated digital I/O module allowing direct connection to HDMI2 and eARC audio devices. This innovative solution ena

Test & Measurement | 04-09-2023

Measurement software offers significant test time savings and faster reporting

Audio Precision has released version 8.0 of its highly advanced APx500 Measurement Software. Version 8.0 provides software performance optimisations that lower unnecessary computat

Industrial | 09-11-2022