Version upgrade enhances the user experience with key updates and productivity-focused enhancements

Altium has continued to focus on developing cutting-edge design tools that meet the needs of today’s engineer and has released the Altium Designer 18. With feedback from the user c

Products | 19-12-2017

New PCB design and data management technologies advance engineer solutions

Altium has announced the upcoming release of new landmark PCB design and data management technologies in Altium Designer 17 and Altium Vault 3.0. They are both scheduled to release

New Technologies | 09-11-2016

Major update for flagship PCB design tool announced

Altium has announced the next major update to its flagship PCB design tool, Altium Designer, at PCB West, an annual PCB design conference in Santa Clara, California. Attendees at P

Design & Manufacture | 17-09-2015

Altium – Latest development toolset for TriCore / AURIX microcontrollers

Altium has announced a free embedded software development toolset for industry-leading semiconductor manufacturer Infineon’s TriCore/AURIX product line as part of their strategic p

Design & Manufacture | 13-08-2015

Revealed - 'never-before-seen' roadmaps for entire design product portfolio

Altium has announced the public release of never-before-seen roadmaps for their entire product lineup. These roadmaps provide a rare glimpse into years of development plans for the

New Technologies | 01-06-2015

Integrated design data and managed design revision environment

A new extension for its flagship PCB design tool, Altium Designer has been released by Altium. The MCAD Co-Designer SOLIDWORKS helps to facilitate collaboration between mechanical

Products | 27-05-2015

New open beta program for community-driven PCB design tool

Altium has announced an open beta program for their community-driven PCB design tool - CircuitMaker will be available worldwide to all interested electronics designers, and aims

Products | 19-05-2015

New features enhance high-speed flagship PCB design tool

Altium has released the newest version of its flagship PCB design tool, Altium Designer 15.1. Included in the release are a number of new features to improve design efficiency wi

Products | 08-05-2015

Latest release of TASKING C compiler for Renesas RH850 microcontroller

Altium has announced release v2.2r1 of its TASKING C compiler suite for the RH850 architecture from Renesas Electronics, delivering support for new RH850 microcontroller variants,

Products | 27-02-2015

Updates to high-speed flagship PCB design suite announced

Altium has announced the next update to its flagship PCB design tool, Altium Designer. Altium Designer 15.1 will introduce several new features for improved design productivity,

Products | 26-02-2015

New PCB design tool enhances workflow collaboration between designers

Altium has announced a new PCB design tool created to enhance workflow collaboration between electrical and mechanical designers. Created in direct response to the divide between

Products | 10-02-2015