Programmable logic controllers enable industrial IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the Opta micro PLC from Arduino. The easy-to-use controller permits designers to scale industrial automation projects utilising the open Arduino ecosystem. The PLC supports real-time control, monitoring, and predictive mai

Mouser Electronics | 25-05-2023

New smart transportation solutions focus on AI edge computing and information security

DFI has been committed to developing IoT, IoV, and AI edge computing products in recent years. It will showcase its smart transportation embedded solutions and launch its new low-power, high-reliability vehicle system with ARM architecture

DFI | 25-05-2023

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth module for IoT and handheld wireless applications

Mouser now stocks Murata's Type 2BZ Wi-Fi + Bluetooth module (LBEE5XV2BZ). The module supplies engineers with a dual-band, small form-factor wireless connectivity solution for power-sensitive applications like the IoT, handheld wireless, ga

Mouser Electronics | 24-05-2023

Board for prototyping wireless applications available now

Mouser now stocks the WBZ451 Curiosity Board from Microchip Technology. The board supplies engineers with an efficient and versatile development platform for prototyping wireless lighting, industrial automation, smart home and IoT applicati

Mouser Electronics | 19-05-2023

Dev kits and satellite connectivity modules speed IoT prototyping and deployment

Mouser offers several new IoT development kits, prototyping platforms and satellite wireless connectivity modules. Getting ahead of the competition is an essential consideration for product engineering teams charged with architecting an

Mouser Electronics | 17-05-2023

All-in-one spectrum analyser with VNA and a cable/antenna tester in a handheld package

Saelig Company, Inc has released the SIGLENT SHA800A series, handheld portable spectrum analysers forming a powerful, versatile option for benchtop and field RF measurement applications. The analysers combine the capabilities of a Spectrum

Saelig | 17-05-2023

Expert level resources for advanced robotics development

Mouser empowers engineering professionals with an easy-to-navigate resource library to support them in industry-leading robotics designs. Manufacturers, fulfilment centres and other key markets are capitalising on developing and adopting ro

Mouser Electronics | 16-05-2023

PMIC offers high-performance energy harvesting for low power applications

Mouser now stocks the Nexperia NEH2000BYJ energy harvesting PMIC. The NEH2000BYJ PMIC harvests energy a PV cell generates, which charges a rechargeable battery. The new PMIC is an excellent option for low-power applications, including wirel

Mouser Electronics | 15-05-2023

Industrial edge solution with NVIDIA L4 GPU for industrial AI applications

Advantech has announced its GPU edge computing solution with NVIDIA L4 GPU NVQual validation – the MIC-770 V3 Modular IPC with MIC-75M20 expansion i-Module. This industrial edge solution is compatible with the NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU, pro

Advantech | 12-05-2023

Inertial modules for IIoT and IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the STMicroelectronics ISM330IS and ISN330ISN iNEMO inertial modules. The modules provide an integrated, SiP solution combining a three-axis digital accelerometer and a three-axis digital gyroscope. The inertial modules en

Mouser Electronics | 11-05-2023

Extensive sensor portfolio offers more sensing components for real-world interaction

Mouser has added several new sensor products to its already comprehensive sensing portfolio. The company now offers many new sensor products available including the following: The AS7331 Three-Channel UV-A/B/C Spectral Sensor from ams OS

Mouser Electronics | 09-05-2023

Extended temperature range of crystals meet the demands of new product designs

Components able to withstand high operating temperatures are growing in demand, and it is not only by engineers working on conventional high temperature or extreme applications, for example, downhole. This trend is par driven by IC manufact

IQD | 09-05-2023

CryptoAuthentication device for secure connected systems now available

Mouser now stocks the Microchip Technology ATECC608B CryptoAuthentication device. Supplying ultra-secure cryptographic elements that allow more secure connected systems, the device is excellent for various IoT applications in home automatio

Mouser Electronics | 03-05-2023

Meeting wireless designers needs with expansive Wi-Fi 6/6E portfolio

Mouser supplies a wide selection of Qorvo Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax) solutions, supplying power-efficient and reliable whole-home coverage for applications such as smart home, IoT, IIoT and more. Wi-Fi 6/6E provides a clear advantage over ear

Mouser Electronics | 27-04-2023