Companies cooperate to develop high-performance current sensors for electromobility

10-07-2024 | Infineon | Power

Infineon Technologies AG and Swoboda jointly develop and market high-performance current sensor modules for automotive applications. The partnership combines Infineon's best-in-class current sensor ICs with Swoboda's expertise in the development and industrialisation of sensor modules to meet the fast-growing market for sensing solutions for HEVs and EVs. The collaborative, high-performance current measurement solutions accelerate time-to-market for high-volume applications such as traction inverters and BMS, as well as other key automotive applications.

The first of these products, the Swoboda CSM510HP2, features a fully encapsulated current sensor module with a greatly decreased footprint without compromising performance. It is based on the Infineon TLE4973 coreless current sensor IC and enables high-precision sensing with a total error below 2%. The module is specifically designed for seamless integration with the HybridPACK Drive G2, Infineon's automotive power module for traction inverters in EVs. This eradicates the necessity for separate external current sensors and allows the most compact traction inverters in the market.

"This new generation of current sensors sets new standards in regards to simplified system integration," said Klaus Lebherz, head of business development at Swoboda. "Infineon's latest sensor technology and our injection molding know how turned out to be a perfect match."

"The market demands high performance, compact and easy to integrate current sensing solutions," said Andrea Monterastelli, head of Automotive Magnetic Sensors Product Group at Infineon Technologies. "The seamless fit into Infineon's HybridPack Drive G2 offers the most compact solution for hybrid and electric vehicles, enabled by our best-in-class current sensor ICs and Swoboda's expertise."

The companies are currently developing further current sensing solutions for all kinds of power devices. Other target applications include inverter DC link and high-voltage battery management.


By Seb Springall

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