New SJ MOSFET family for advanced and cost-effective power supply applications

13-06-2024 | Infineon | Power

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the 600V CoolMOS 8 high-voltage SJ MOSFET product family. The devices combine the best features of the 600V CoolMOS 7 MOSFET series and are the successors to the P7, PFD7, C7, CFD7, G7, and S7 product families. The new SJ MOSFETs allow cost-effective Si-based solutions that enhance the company's wide-bandgap offering. They are equipped with an integrated fast body diode, making them suitable for various applications such as server and industrial SMPS, EV chargers, and micro-solar.

The components come in SMD QDPAK, TOLL and ThinTOLL 8 x 8 packages, simplifying designs and lowering assembly costs. At 10V, the SJ MOSFETs offer 18% lower gate charge (Q g) than the CFD7 and 33% lower than the P7. At 400V, the product family offers a 50% lower output capacitance C OSS than the CFD7 and the P7. Also, the turn-off losses (E oss) have been reduced by 12% compared to the CFD7 and the P7, and the reverse recovery charge (Q rr) is 3% lower compared to the CFD7. Also, the devices offer the lowest reverse recovery time (t rr) on the market and the thermal performance has been improved by 14% to 42% compared to the previous generation.

With these features, the devices offer high efficiency and reliability in soft-switching topologies such as LLC and ZVS phase-shift full-bridge. They also provide exceptional performance levels in PFC, TTF and other hard-switching topologies. Due to their optimised R DS(on), the devices offer higher power density, reducing products in a Si-based SJ technology to a single-digit value of 7mOhm.


By Seb Springall

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