Knob potentiometers simplify designs and optimise costs for industrial and audio applications

03-05-2024 | New Yorker Electronics | Industrial

New Yorker Electronics now offers two new Vishay Panel Potentiometers providing integrated knobs and IP67 sealing. Delivering a high dielectric strength of 5000VAC and power ratings up to 1W at +40C, the Vishay Sfernice P16F and PA16F are created to simplify designs and optimise costs in industrial and audio applications.

By incorporating a knob with a panel potentiometer in a single component, the devices remove the necessity to purchase and assemble a separate knob. Also, with only the mounting hardware and terminals on the panel's back side, the compact potentiometers reduce the clearance behind the panel to an extremely low <15mm.

The PA16F, with a conductive plastic resistive element, is intended for audio applications, while the Cermet P16F is designed for industrial motor drives, welding equipment, HVAC and lighting systems, and control panels. With full IP67 sealing, the devices provide reliable operation in extreme environmental conditions.

The potentiometers are obtainable with custom knob markings, resistance values, wires, and connectors, as well as detent and switch options. The devices are also offered with a metallic knob on request. The devices are tested in accordance with CECC 41000 or IEC 60393-1.


By Seb Springall

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