Angle sensor family delivers outstanding stray field robustness

24-05-2024 | Infineon | Semiconductors

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the new XENSIV TLE49SR angle sensor family, which combines exceptional stray field immunity with high accuracy. The sensors are excellent for applications of safety-critical automotive chassis systems such as electric power steering and vehicle height levelling.

All products in the family withstand stray magnetic fields of up to 8mT. The sensors exceed the requirements of ISO11452-8 level IV for car hybridisation and electrification with 4000A/m (equal to 5mT) for inhomogeneous stray field and eradicate the necessity for external shielding.

The intrinsic accuracy of the sensors defines an angle error with less than 1°. A look-up table can decrease the angle error even further: Multi-point calibration (16 variable and 32 equidistant) results in an angle error below 0.5°. This feature helps to compensate angle deviations resulting e.g. from mechanical misalignments of the manufacturing process.

The angle sensors were developed according to ISO 26262 as a 'safety element out of context'. The ASIL C metric on the component level allows system designs up to functional safety level ASIL D.

The first products of the new angle sensor family are available now with either PWM, SENT or SPC interface. For surface mounting, they are provided in a TDSO-8 package.


By Seb Springall

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