MEMS sensor delivers reliable pressure detection in harsh environments

11-03-2024 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the MLX90830 Triphibian MEMS pressure sensor from Melexis. With a cantilever design, the sensor measures gas and liquid pressure in diverse environments with high precision and reliability. The sensor can be integrated as a standalone device or embedded in electric vehicle thermal management systems' expansion valves, e-compressors, or pumps. The IC is also an ideal choice for HVAC-R applications.

The sensor, now available at Mouser, is the first product to feature patented Triphibian technology. The advanced pressure sensor offers consistent performance and durability in all the conditions an electric vehicle is likely to experience. The sensor operates in temperatures ranging from -40C to 150C, measuring gas and liquid pressures from 2 to 70 bar while also surviving frozen states. The ability to measure gaseous and liquid states and survive solid (frozen) states means that the sensor can operate under all possible conditions. The factory-calibrated sensor IC provides highly accurate measurements directly out of the box.

The device combines electronics and the sensor into a standard SO16-sized IC package. The patented sensing component is a piezo-resistive element configured as a Wheatstone bridge. The bridge output is amplified and sent through an analog-to-digital conversion stage. In the next step, a 16-bit DSP manages temperature compensation. Finally, the signal is converted back into an analog output. Delivering an analog output allows direct-replacement compatibility with standard existing sensors while providing the advantages of a new MEMS device.

The IC features configurable diagnostics for tailored monitoring and troubleshooting. The IC boasts ±0.5% full-scale lifetime accuracy and fast response times of just 0.4ms. In addition, the sensor meets AEC-Q100 and AEC-Q103-002 certifications and is ASIL compliant. Developed as an ASIL A SEooC (ISO 26262) device, it ensures a high level of safety and reliability in automotive applications.


By Seb Springall