Standard gain horn antenna radome covers enhance outdoor performance

23-02-2024 | Pasternack | Passives

Pasternack has released its innovative standard gain horn antenna radome covers. Meticulously designed, they protect a wide array of waveguide horn antennas, providing optimal functionality and resilience in outdoor settings.

The standard gain horn antenna radome covers stand out due to their outstanding features. They are outdoor rated and weatherproof, crafted to withstand the rigours of external conditions and protect waveguide horns from environmental factors.

The material’s low relative permittivity provides minimal reflection or attenuation of signals, maintaining pristine integrity and performance of the waveguide system. Furthermore, the covers are created from high-strength, thermally stable polymethacrylimide, promising durability and consistent performance even in temperature variations.

These radome covers, available in sizes from WR-028 to WR-430 and with gain values of 10dBi, 15dBi and 20dBi, deliver versatility and unmatched performance for a broad range of waveguide horn antennas. These covers are the perfect solution for anyone seeking to employ waveguide horns outdoors or to safeguard their equipment from external factors. They have minimal signal reflection or attenuation, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communications.

“Our diverse collection of waveguide horn antennas, featuring various WR sizes, gain values and connector options, is now enhanced with the introduction of these premium radome covers,” said product line manager Kevin Hietpas. “They are indispensable for outdoor waveguide applications.”


By Seb Springall