Range of rack and panel connectors offer an alternative to obsolete range

16-02-2024 | Lane Electronics | Industrial

Weald Electronics has released its new LMR Range of rugged rack and panel connectors, available now from Lane Electronics. The range is a direct alternative to the now obsolete ITW McMurdo Connectors Red Range, widely used in blind mating applications. The new connector series will allow many users of the ITW connectors to continue manufacturing existing products and supporting systems for global usage.

Designed as a line-to-line or panel connector, the connectors feature a polarised, self-aligning, low insertion force blind-mate plug and socket arrangement, ideal for inaccessible applications. The current rating of 5A through each contact lends itself to the growing requirements for high-power, high-reliability electrical systems.

The connectors will be moulded in the higher-temperature DAP material only and is fully back-compatible with the Red Range in Nylon and DAP. DAP offers many exceptional physical properties such as electrical insulation, heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, and ease of moulding and proved to be a popular choice in the former Red Range.

Nick Wheeler, sales director of Lane Electronics, says, “With proven longevity in many applications around the world, our heavy-duty LMR Range rectangular rack and panel connector system will now ensure the continued popularity of this style, which is particularly suited for use in rugged conditions, such as industrial electronics equipment, robotics and process control.”

Key features of the LMR connector range include 180° polarisation and floating bushes to assist alignment. They are available in four sizes with 8, 16, 24 and 32 contacts. The working voltage is 800VDC or AC peak. The connectors are UL-94 V-0 rated flame-retardant.


By Seb Springall