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21-02-2024 | SECO | Industrial

SECO will showcase various solutions and technologies poised to allow a new generation of digital devices in the upcoming embedded world exhibition. Visitors can discover the company's comprehensive and modular offering, from high-tech edge computing platforms to the edge and cloud IoT software suite, Clea, to the AI-power support system, StudioX, tailored to maximise the potential of their products and fully leverage new technological opportunities.

Visitors can discover the company's latest COM solutions, supplying next-generation processor technologies across x86 and Arm architectures. The COM Express Basic SOM-COMe-BT6-MTL and the COM-HPC Client SOM-COM-HPC-A-MTL feature Intel Core Ultra Processors (codename Meteor Lake) and are tailored for AI and IoT end devices. The SOM-SMARC-MX95 packs the NXP i.MX 95 application processors in a compact, SMARC-compatible module to deliver superior processing power and advanced security features for the next wave of edge applications. The SOM-SMARC-QCS6490 streamlines access to Qualcomm QCS6490 SoC, offering support for computing-intensive and on-device machine learning applications. The SOM-SMARC-Genio 700, featuring the MediaTek Genio 700 application processor, is a powerful yet energy-efficient solution enhanced for demanding IIoT applications. Offering vast expertise in COM design and manufacturing, SECO will unveil its latest addition to the COM Express portfolio, based on Intel's next-generation Atom processors, underscoring its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

The company offers a range of fanless embedded computers engineered for seamless system integration in IIoT use cases. Highlights include the Palladio 500 RPL, a fanless embedded PC powered by the 13th Gen Intel Core processors (codename Raptor Lake), offering excellent modularity and expandability. The Modular Link MX93 is a cost-effective industrial PC featuring NXP i.MX93 application processor engineered for intelligence at the edge, offering simplified integration and unparalleled versatility. The Titan 300 TGL-UP3 AI is an edge-AI-ready solution that integrates the processing performance of the 11th Gen Intel Core and Celeron SoCs with a single Axelera AI's Metis AIPU capable of delivering up to 120 TOPS.

An integral component of the company's exhibition will be the scalable Modular Vision HMI family, providing off-the-shelf solutions based on x86 and Arm architectures, with screen sizes ranging from 7" to 15" and up to 4K resolution. This versatile platform enables application-specific customisations, allowing users to tailor processor performance to fulfil evolving demands seamlessly.

All the company's hardware products are born natively integrated with Clea, its open-source, modular software suite that simplifies IoT implementations by harnessing field data for actionable insights. Clea facilitates real-time infrastructure management, analytics, predictive maintenance, secure remote software updates, and deployment of intelligent apps and value-added revenue-generating subscription services. Building upon generative AI, the company introduces StudioX, a solution for businesses to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and deploy novel revenue-generating services via their own AI-powered support services.

Embedded World, Hall 1, booth 320, from 9 to 11 April 2024.


By Seb Springall

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